Always For The Best



EVS Group, prioritizing the principles of better products, better services, and better quality, has given life to “HOMEVS” in order to be among the best among consumers by equipping them with the latest technology and by receiving feedback from the consumers they serve. HOMEVS, which designs products according to the sleep cultures and desires of different countries, especially focuses on serving in the “PRIVATE LABEL” field. Positioned as a manufacturing institution, HOMEVS continues to enhance its offerings by providing private brands, collections, and meeting customer demands based on the feedback and results.

With our accumulated knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and market experience, we possess the information that every property owner needs. We are expanding our producton network and collection day by day to meet our consumers needs. We continue to pioneer innovations to improve your quality of life and offer you the best sleep experience. As HOMEVS, closely following and guiding the sleep industry, we continuously strive for excellence by participating in national and international sleep industry fairs and by emphasizing our affiliations with various organizations and locations.

Everything Has Started With a Dream...

A dream that will discover true sleep and make it indispensable…